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Baylee Reynolds- Class of 2019

Can a smile really show a person's spirit? With Miss Baylee it definitely does! Her smile glows just like her personality. You can't be in a room with Baylee too long without feeling happy! I love this girl and her spunk!

Baylee can rock the "serious" look with no problem. I love how the sunlight captures her hair. Her senior session was a fun one! She decided to share her day with her best friend Tessa. This made for a lot of laughs and sweet moments. Her portraits were taken at Faust Park on a beautiful, sunny day. My favorites from Baylee's session was the ones from the grassy fields. I think I might have to call her sassy stance the "Baylee" from now on!

As a cheerleader and Student Council member, Baylee has certainly showed that she truly bleeds blue! She will be missed at Northwest as she leaves for SEMO in the fall. I'm excited that she is going with her best friend and will be near my own daughter!

Baylee you are beautiful young lady inside and out! I can't wait to see the great things you do at SEMO and beyond! Thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits!

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