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From Student To Hero

So many times in my career I have been humbled by my students and the things they have done. Even as kids their personalities begin to show. Zach is one of those kids that stand out and make you remember them.

During his fourth grade year I moved to Brennan Woods to teach. He was in my first class there! Zach always made me laugh. He was the life of our class. Even now if I mention Zach to any of his former classmates, they all remember him!

I've said it before. One of the best parts of teaching is getting to know the family of my students. Zach's family was definitely one of those. They eventually became friends and kept in touch throughout the years.

Zach's personality has continued to make me laugh. When he showed up at his senior session, he was wearing his favorite pair of crocs. These bright blue crocs that he wanted in his pictures. I conceded and took a few with them, but then had to put my teacher voice on and make him change his shoes. He even made friends with the geese!

Even though he eventually left Northwest to go to Marquette, he kept in touch with me and some of his classmates. He excelled in Football during his time at Marquette. Although he loves sports, he always talked of becoming a marine!

This is where the humble part comes in. When Zach told me he had decided to join the Marines, I was not surprised. He is such an amazing kid and I know that he will do great things. Zach is scheduled to leave for boot camp in June or July. I wish him the best of luck and hope he knows how proud I am of his decision! Thank you for your service Zach!

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