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Grad Announcements During Quarantine

This is not the graduation year our 2020 seniors were planning for. Although many things are up in the air, they still deserve to be celebrated. One of the best ways to share this joy is through graduation announcements. They are a great idea for many reasons. It keeps friends and families in the loop, it's uplifting for others to receive images in the mail, and it allows your senior to be celebrated!

Graduation announcements usually have party information and graduation dates. What do cards look like if we are unsure of the graduation date or when the party will happen? I have some alternatives to printing dates on your announcements.


Option 1: Add future plans in lieu of dates and times.

Instead of the party details and graduation dates, let friends and family know about the senior's future. You could share things such as where they are going to college, what degree they are seeking, any other future plans they may have.


Option 2: Talk about highlights of high school.

This is a great way to brag on your senior. You could add some of the best memories and accomplishments from the high school years. By celebrating their academic, athletic, or extra curricular achievements, you are shining a light on them. It's a great way to personalize these cards and set your senior apart from others.


Option 3: Add a meaningful quote.

This would be a fun way to add a personal touch to the announcements. Choose a quote or bible verse that really tells what your senior is all about and add it to the card. It could be something that describes your senior, or a verse that has guided your senior. It can also be a fun way to put a little humor on the card.


Option 4: Leave off information and add more pics.

Another option is to create a back full of pictures without any words.

Graduation announcements may look different this year, but maybe this is an opportunity to make them unique and special. Everyone loves the formal announcements, but these cards are a way to share some keepsake pictures with your friends and family.

Contact me for more information and designs for your senior announcements:

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