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I Have The Best Job!!!!!

I have always believed that pictures tell a story. As my kiddos grow older, I am blown away with how much bigger they look each vacation picture or school picture that I see. Pictures help tell the story of love and capture moments we don't want to forget.

So, this is how I have the best job. As I talked with one of my dearest friends, Sarah, she was saying how I have been the one to capture all of the incredible milestones in her son's life the past two years!!!! Cue the tears!!!! How unbelievable is that???? So I'd like to share these milestones with you!

The start! Before they became parents to a human, Andy and Sarah had Lyla the golden doodle. My first pictures I took of them were for their Christmas card!

Next came an announcement. I was able to help them tell the world they were going to be a mom and dad! Lyla got to help too!

Then came the gender reveal! I was a part of the big announcement. In baseball style, Andy made his favorite homer and we found out that Baby Kennon was going to be a boy! I loved capturing the surprise and happiness on their faces!

Now that we were ready for a boy, it was time for the maternity pictures. On a day with temps 100+ Sarah was a trooper. She powered through the heat and created some of the sweetest maternity pictures I have ever taken! Andy didn't do so bad either! Look at the love on the faces of these high school sweethearts!

After nine months of waiting....Jackson Wyman Kennon arrived on September 12th, 2017!!!! I rushed to the hospital to not only love on that baby, but take his "Fresh 48" pictures. He was a poser even then!

Next came his First Christmas. With the cutest (double chin creating) vest, Jackson was ready for another photo shoot. He may have been a little wobbly, but he pulled off the look with style!

Next came the six month pictures.

Then a quick 9 month shoot with a baseball theme!

Before we knew it....He was one year old!!!! This session was special because we were able to take them at the property where the Kennon family was building their dream home!

A few months later came his 2nd Christmas pics with his buddy Lyla!

Next I got to be a part of another exciting announcement!!!!

I get to help capture the story of another addition to the family!!!

So, as you can see why I have the best job in the world. To be a part of all of these important milestones in a family close to my heart is beyond words!

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!

Aunt Mindy loves you!!!!

Stay tuned for the next Kennon story!!!!!!!!!

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