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My First 2019 Tell Your Story (TYS) Senior blog is a special one!

How lucky am I? Miss Jordan Owens is a very special young lady. I graduated with her dad and cheered with her mom in high school. Now, I get to teach with her mom. So it's easy to say, our families are connected. It has been an honor to watch this amazing girl grow up.

Although you can't tell from the model-like portraits, Jordan is an unbelievable athlete. She dominates many domains such as the soccer field, basketball court, and softball field. Although she excels at all, she has signed to play softball for East Central College in Union, Missouri.

When deciding on a location for Jordan's senior pictures, she wanted something different. So, we had her first session at her place of work: The Legends Golf Course. It was actually a lot of fun! We got to ride around in a golf cart all over the course. Luckily, we were only "hushed" once and asked to leave one area due to a tournament (LOL). Jordan was even willing to climb into the water feature for some fun splash pictures. I only had to promise that the dirty, green water wouldn't show in the picture!

For her second session she had only one request: she wanted a formal dress in a rural setting and her dog Micah in the pictures. We ventured to Shaw's Nature Reserve in Pacific, Mo. We had fun being dragged around by Micah to find the perfect spots for some pics!

My hope is that I caught Jordan's beautiful smile and glowing spirit. I was honored to make her my first Class of 2019 senior! I can't wait to see what great things she will do in the future!

Jordan- You are a blessing to Tell Your Story Photography. I love you and hope that all your dreams come true!

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