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Scheduling May Look Different This Year

Let's be honest. The past months have taught us to look at the world in a different way. Planning ahead is difficult without knowing what our summer and fall will look like. One of the first decisions a senior needs to make is what season to capture their portraits.

There are advantages to each season. Summer and Fall are the most popular seasons for photography in Missouri.

Summer Portraits

Summertime is all about flowers, tans, and time. In our area we have many beautiful parks with abundant gardens full of color and light. This is a great place to capture movement and joy. It is also a great time to capture fun water pictures, such as playing in the water or bouncing light and reflections.

Natural light provides warm skin tones and shows off the tan. It is also a great opportunity for cute dresses and shorts. Summer is also a time that students are less busy with sports and activities.

Fall Portraits

Missouri is a prime spot for autumn colors. The sun is softer and adds a glow to your portraits. From falling leaves to golden sunsets, fall is beautiful.

This is a great time to wrap yourself in a cute scarf or cardigan and add layers of colors to your portraits. The weather is comfortable and usually sweat-free.

Portraits In The Year of A Quarantine

This year is not only different for the Class of 2020, but it's also a time of uncertainty for the Class of 2021. When will things go back to normal? What does the timeline look like for "going back to normal?'

These are all questions we are wondering. They are the same questions that we have when scheduling portraits. There is some who speculate that this may come back late summer or fall. What happens if they reinstate a stay-at-home order? Unfortunately, I don't have answers for this. I do know that I will make sure your senior's portraits get done. We will reschedule as many times as we need in order for them to happen.

I want to make sure that my seniors have the full experience. Some will want to visit the salon and have their hair and make-up done. I love to interact with my seniors. In order for them to feel comfortable and have fun, social distancing doesn't work. I am hoping to begin scheduling in June. I can now tentatively get your portraits on the calendar in hopes that we are in phase 2 of the reopening. If the stay-at-home order continues, we will reschedule further out. Please let me know if you have any questions or are ready to schedule your experience.

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