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The Unsung Heroes of our Athletes

Senior year is a busy time. Senior pictures, caps and gowns, announcements, dances, celebrations and more. In all this hustle and bustle, there is an opportunity to slow down and capture special moments between parents and their seniors before they move-on. It began last fall with my first "Moms of Fall" session. It is so fun to capture some special moments between a mama and their boy. I feel like we created some memories that will last a lifetime.

Not to be outdone, the dads wanted in on the act. We had a "Dads of Dance" session too. This session got interesting fast! The dads decided to try and display their artistic talent they have learned from their girls. As a daddy's girl myself, these pictures touch a special part in my heart!

Softball and Volleyball were another opportunity for capture some daddy and daughter moments.

Since I was one, I can say this: Cheer Parents do not want to be outdone. So when it was time to capture these senior girls, both parents wanted in on the fun!

Springtime is Baseball Time! After the hours spent at ballfields, it was time to have some fun with the moms.

Capturing moments of love and laughter between a parent and their child is one of the best parts of these sessions. I look forward to many more activities and sports parent sessions in the seasons ahead!

If interested in setting one up, please contact me at!

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