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Troy Haynes- From First Grade to Senior Year

I am always humbled when I'm asked to take pictures of one of my former students. Troy is one of those kids. He was in my first grade classroom (a few short years ago) and now he is headed to S&T. I told him his mad math skills came from all of the "math buckets" we used to do!

Troy is an amazing kids. While taking numerous honors classes, he managed to still be a vital part of the Northwest Football Team. He served his team as kicker and leader!

Before all of that, he was just the sweet little boy in my classroom. I always save all of my pictures and class-made books to share with the students at senior breakfast. Since Covid-19 we were unable to have it. So, I brought some home to share through social media! Also, it's kind of fun to embarrass them socially!

Although Troy doesn't like his picture taken, I still managed to grab a few during his time in first grade.

It is so fun to see their handwriting from long ago! He is actually sitting on the wagon with friends he still has today!

The picture from the Halloween party was one I took without knowing the significance. Troy is sitting next to Augie. These two are going to be roommates at S&T this year! I promised them I will frame it so they can hang it up in their dorm.

These two pictures above truly crack me up. During our cap and gown session, we had bright sun and no shade. Troy was not loving the light and kept his mom and dad busy creating shade for pics. I guess he hasn't like it since the first grade.

As always, one of the best parts of teaching is becoming friends with the family. Thank you to Karen and Dan for their love and support!

Troy- Thank you for being patient with all of the pictures. I was honored to have been one of your teachers! I know you will do great things. Can't wait to see all that you do!

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